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Top and best auto insurance agency near me

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 Top and best auto insurance agencies near me in the USA. You can find in this post the five top largest USA auto insurance agencies near me in California, Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, etc amongst All State, State Farm, Liberty, Geico,  Usaa Insurance Companies.

In the top 5 lists of vehicle insurance categories of August 2021, the following auto insurance companies in the USA are trustworthy, they are as follows

Top and best auto insurance agency near me in the USA
Top 5 auto insurance company in USA

1.        State farm - $41 PREMIUM Written Sbn

2.        Geico - $35- Sbn premium written

3.         Progressive - $ 32.3

4.         All state : $23.8

5.       USAA: $15.2 premium written sbn

These rankings keep on changing over time due to market ups and downs. If more people buy auto security insurance plans and schemes it only puts them to the top rank. There is another factor also to rank these top auto insurance companies based on their service quality, premium policy structures, short term, pension plans, Covid coverage etc.

Do you know that the US car insurance policy bazaar or market is driven by the mentioned top 10 largest auto insurance companies, i.e. administrating approximately 72% of the auto insurance security market in the United States?

These companies provide cheaper and best insurance quotes in your area in the US.

There might be little difference in the structure of the security and life cover plans included in auto or vehicle insurance schemes. It can be on price, servicing, and others. We will guide and help you to find the best and affordable auto insurance company for your situation. Select from the top 5 list mentioned above.


What are the largest auto insurance companies in the US?

Well, you might have already found out the value penguin articles on what are the largest auto insurance companies. Also to satisfy your doubt let me explain to you in brief that the top ten auto insurance companies are widely popular in the US because it's national TV ads placement campaigns.

 Market share of auto insurance companies in the USA

The state farm has shared 16%, GEICO-13%, Progressive-12%, Allstate-9%,

USAA -6%, Liberty mutual 5%, Farmers-4%, Nationwide- 3%, American family : 3%, Travellers: 2%.


About state farm insurance

Do you know that State Farm is a great auto insurance company in the US for every person who needs a local agency- the products and services are affordable, best and cheaper as compared to Aviva, HDFC, SBI, liberty mutual, etc.

It has a market share of 16% of the total market values in the USA auto insurance sector. This company has around 60000 people employed and nearly 19000 agencies in the US.

And moreover, 15 % of the dollars spent on private passenger auto premiums in the US are paid to state farms.


About GEICO insurance

This is also the most trusted and one of the biggest auto insurance companies in the USA offering low rates, national availability, and ease of the shopping experience.

This is a top and big insurance company in the USA for vehicles. It employs more than 40000 people across 9 regional centers, 3 service centers, and three claiming offices.

Originally the GEICO provided services to the US govt and military personnel only but now it is made available for the citizens too. So having vehicle insurance is of greater benefit in case of loss or accident.


About Progressive insurance

The Progressive has its own top auto insurance plans and policy. It brings offers especially to drivers with previous accident records and at competitive rates.

This company is considered the third largest auto insurance company in the USA. Established in 1937, the company provides features to purchase the plans and policy online, or by phone.

Currently, it has more than 35000 people employed and at 400 office premises.


About Allstate insurance

Allstate sells many different types of insurance, but the company is probably most widely-known for its auto insurance. The provider is the fourth largest car insurance company in terms of the number of policies written with 9.2% of the market share

Allstate auto insurance products cover all the basics, like collision coverage, comprehensive, and liability. But it also goes the extra mile with a variety of add-on coverage’s for more protection including Personal injury protection, new car replacement, Rideshare coverage, Accident forgiveness, Sounds system insurance, Rental car reimbursement, Roadside assistance, etc


About USAA insurance

USAA provides standard coverage, such as liability, comprehensive and collision insurance that you would expect from an auto insurer or that might be required in your state. In terms of additional coverage options, USAA has a wide variety of insurance offerings but does not offer anything that you wouldn't likely be able to find with a similar national insurer.

Types of Coverage of USAA insurance

Liability coverage

Collision coverage

Comprehensive coverage

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage


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