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Review of the best wordpress hosting convesio 2022

Building a website these days is important to grow your business or to reach your potential customers.

No matter how good you are at building websites, if your web hosting is bad, then you will be in trouble for sure.

So, you need to choose top wordpress hosting and high scalable wordpress hosting. Mainly you need to look at features that the hosting provider offers, pricing of web hosting, and some more factors before buying the web hosting. In this article, we are going to see an in-depth Review of the best wordpress hosting convesio.


Convesio is the fastest managed WordPress hosting provider in the market. It uses Docker containers technology and scalable CDN networks to send website content at warp speed from different locations worldwide, ensuring your site loads quickly for all of your customers no matter where they may be located.


Its hosting services are designed to be more secure, reliable and will ensure your site is up & running 24/7. And it’s robust security features help you to protect your site from hackers and spammers.


Convesio has made it possible to deploy your WordPress website in just 3 clicks without writing a single line of code. This is great for people who are brand new and don’t want the hassle, or more experienced developers that need something quick because they’re on deadline.


Convesio Review Summary

Min. Response Time

306 ms

Max. Response Time

1596 ms

Global Avg. Response Time

1071 ms

Google Page Speed Insights

99 mobile /99 desktop

GTMetrix Grade


Load Test

Performance Issue

One-Click WordPress


Free SSl


Free trail

Risk-free 30 day trial


Starts at $50 per month (Managed WordPress hosting)




Convesio Features

Convesio can help with all of your WordPress needs. They have a clear and easy-to-use interface that will make it possible for you to create high-scale sites without any fuss or muss, with no need for load balancers, Docker containers, or database clusters. Convesio handles everything so that you don’t have to worry about these technical details – they’ll lead the way in this one-stop-shop solution.

  • Fast Caching: The custom-made caching layer in the load balancer allows for site content to be loaded quickly and effortlessly.
  • Speed Optimized: It’s the smartest server that you’ll ever host. Powered by Google & Amazon’s fastest networks, Convesio features parallel database query processing and built-in edge caching for lightning-fast speeds. HTTP/2 ensures your site loads quickly with time-saving optimizations plus much more.
  • Auto Scaling: When your website gets hammered with traffic, its auto-scaling system is ready to automatically deploy multiple containers to handle the load without going down.
  • High Availability: Load-balanced container allow you to keep more than one instance of a service running at the same time on different machines so that in case any single machine fails for whatever reason, another can take over and work normally without interruption. Load balancing also means less downtime – meaning better customer satisfaction.
  • Version Backups: Git-style versioned backups make it easy and fast for anyone with access rights on an account to restore lost data without losing any data from previous versions.
  • Security Monitoring: Their services provide a variety of security features to monitor and scan for security issues. They can edit the code, configurations, environment variables in order to prevent problems from occurring.
  • Application Monitoring: Its system is constantly scanning your site at the WordPress application level to ensure that every change made by you or anyone on your team has been checked and approved.
  • Clustered Database: It’s every WordPress site is powered by multiple MySQL servers for high availability, uptime, and scalability.
  • Self-Healing: If something happens to make your website inaccessible or slow down performance for an unknown timeframe then its auto-scaling system immediately deploys another copy of content so that everything is back online in no time at all.
  • 24/7 Expert Support: Convesio guarantees that you will never have to wait more than 5 minutes for a response. With specialists on-staff 24/7, they are there when your project needs them most and can provide advice as needed. And anything goes wrong with your site they will instantly help you to resolve the problem.

Convesio Pricing & Plans






$50 per month

$150 per month

$100 per month

$350 per month


10000 visits 

150000 visits 

50000 visits 



512 MB

2 GB

1 GB



One vCPU/ single thread

Four vCPU/ single thread

Two vCPU/ single thread


WordPress Installs 





PHP workers

4 PHP workers

16 PHP workers

8 PHP workers




Convesio Reviews

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio is often rated as the best-managed WordPress hosting provider by many industry experts. Convesio users get a wide range of hosting options with a bundle of plans and features in different price segments to help you build and manage your website.

The most fateful thing about Convesio is that it offers an affordable starter plan which is most suitable for beginners and also provides round-the-clock customer service which is managed by its experienced staff.


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